The European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”) is the most comprehensive – and complex – data privacy regulation in the world. As companies prepare for the GDPR to go into force on May 25, 2018, there continues to be a great deal of confusion regarding the requirements of the GDPR.

To help address that confusion, our firm’s Data Privacy and Security team has published a multi-part series discussing the questions most frequently asked about the GDPR.  You can find a link to each of the top 10 questions and answers (in the order of popularity) below:

  1. Does the GDPR data breach notification provision cover the same type of data as United States data breach notification provisions?
  2. What Does It Mean To Be “Established” In The EU?
  3. Is a Service Provider’s Privacy Shield Certification Good Enough?
  4. Are the Standard Contractual Clauses Enough?
  5. Are Work Email Addresses and Business Contact Information Considered “Personal Data?”
  6. If I receive a right to be forgotten request from an employee do I have to honor it?
  7. Are Companies Always Required to Get Opt-In Consent?
  8. Does the GDPR apply if my company has no employees or offices in the EU?
  9. If I Already Drafted a Privacy Policy to Comply with US Law Do I need to Change it for the GDPR?
  10. Do Companies Always Have To Provide a Privacy Notice If They Collect Information About Someone From a Third Party?

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